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The Cat Flap takes the traditional linear storyline and flips it over, unifying two polarized viewpoints.

A novelty book for both children and adults alike, The Cat Flap: A Tale of Harmony and Balance is intended to be read “circularly,” rather than along a traditional linear timeline. It invites the reader to consider the subjective nature of reality, how the story of our life is affected by our perspective, attitude, and point of view. The Cat Flap presents the issue of polarity to even the youngest readers in a way that is fun and playful. The story illustrates how an individual achieves balance and wholeness within him or herself by possessing masculine qualities, such as determination, assertiveness and courage, as well as feminine qualities, such as patience, intuition and compassion.

Why a wordless book?

A message from Kristina Hutch Matthews: 

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you: I like words. A LOT. I’ve always loved to write, and one of the first compliments I ever got as a little kid was for having a big vocabulary.

But one day, I realized that maybe I liked words a little too much.

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